the spirit level It is perhaps only when a work joins as of nature with another work whose origin is other, whose intention is other, that a single impulse turns into an observable tide, and changes our view of the present. Peter Smithson on the work of Lewerentz and Pikionis, The Silent Architects 1988 diploma3 continued […]


the sounding line The built world, the field where we navigate, is where these ‘thoughts’ work and operate; a world partly well known to us and partly hidden to our consciousness. Alison and Peter Smithson, Italian Thoughts diploma3 projects for this year were sited in the historic landscape surrounding the Naviglio Pavese, a neglected canal that […]


stillness and ghosts «The ‘broken’ buries itself deeper into memory as the ‘whole’. The‘broken’ has a kind of brittle surface which one’s memory can grab hold to. On the clean surface of the ‘whole’, memory slips away.» Wim Wenders diploma3 worked this year with a theme entitled Stillness and Ghosts. A theme that, for us, suggests […]


the space of waiting You believe that you are just passing by, drifting through the city, dogging the footsteps of the crowd, entering the play of shadows and cracks, but nothing has happened…It is on a day like this one, a little later, a little earlier, that everything starts again… …You are afraid. You are […]


THE EXHIBITION IN PORTBOU IT’S ON: FROM 22th OF JUNE – UNTIL 31th AUGUST Diploma 3 is taking a sabbatical year!!! We are preparing an exhibition in Portbou, Spain.The place will be at the Walter Benjamin Space,inside the ‘Cinema Festival of Frontiers’ in May,we will show our students work of last year«The space of Waiting: 22 […]