the space of waiting

You believe that you are just passing by, drifting through the city, dogging the footsteps of the crowd, entering the play of shadows and cracks, but nothing has happened…It is on a day like this one, a little later, a little earlier, that everything starts again…

…You are afraid. You are waiting. You are waiting, on Place Clichy, for the rain to stop falling.

excerpt from A Man Asleep, Georges Perec

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Project Briefs:

The Space of Waiting: London
Building of Paris
The Space of Waiting: Paris-Cerbère / Portbou
End year Book
2nd Trip to Switzerland
Student list:Ana Abascal Crespo
Nancy Antoniou
Elena Blanco
Sarah Bland
Laura Feroldi
Maliha Haque
Martinos Panayides
Gudarz Riyahi
Ricardo Rodrigues Ferreira
Oliver Sprague
Yuki Taniguchi
Moeko Yamagata
Nenad Djordjevic
Fiona Layugan-Caliboso
Yosuke Nakano
Orlaith Ryan
Shoji Tamura
Chiaki Tanaka
Maud Tisserant
Bhavika Varsani
Maija Viksne
Yoshifumi Hamagami